Wildlands History

The Walgrove Wildlands project began in 2012 after six bungalows were demolished. Given an opportunity to rethink this area, the school community decided to remove 30,000 square feet of asphalt and, in its place, to build an outdoor learning space that would benefit both students and the environment.

The Founding Team

School Site
Olivia Adams: Prinicipal of Walgrove Avenue Elementary School

Walgrove Wildlands Steering Committee
Zara Bennett – Parent & schoolyard greening advocate
Clare Carey – Parent, Actor/Producer, Activist
Emiko Kuwata – Parent & business owner

Team Walgrove

John Napoli – Complex Project Manager (CPM)
Ana Lasso – Project Manager
Bill Piazza – Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Steve Zimmer – School Board Member

Outside Expertise
Astrid Diehl – Mia Lehrer & Associates
Ryan Drnek – Sodder Studios
Tomas O’Grady – Enrich LA
Steven Williams – Surfrider Foundation
Simon Bird – US Fish & Wildlife

Community Partners
Lauri Matisse – Contributing Architect-Designer
Michael Stenger – 15 year volunteer at Walgrove, Member of Venice Neighborhood Committee
Sandi Wise – Volunteer Website design & development, Member of VNC Education Committee
Tracy Bartley
Teresa Dahl
Martin Gueulette – Creative Director/Vox & Associates

A Visual History

View a 2014 video about the creation of The Wildlands.