As you know, Friends of Walgrove (FOW) has a 2-fold mission: (1) to raise enough money to cover our amazing enrichment programs and (2) to build & maintain community.  Going into this school year, we knew it was going to be more challenging than ever to fulfill this mission but we remain steadfast in our commitment. While we can see that our amazing community remains strong despite being apart, we are falling behind on our fundraising goals, so we need EVERYone to help join our mission. It’s really easy and would mean so much – here’s how!  

Until LAUSD has a change in policy, Walgroovies are not an option for now, so we would like to temporarily shift to a WE2WE model where our creative and talented community offer their services, products, or host virtual offerings to help raise money that would normally be raised from Walgroovies. 

Don’t be intimidated – you do not have to be a master chef or a master craftsman; we believe that each and every family at WE has something to potentially offer. The idea is to harness the amazing talents of this community so that we can still have fun engaging with each other and support our school in three easy steps:

  1. Create an Offering – Come up with an idea of something you can offer and FOW will help to promote it. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing (see also some more examples at the end of this email):
    • Offer something for sale – arrange to sell something you make like a food item, artwork, or a holiday centerpiece for pick up or delivery. Or even organize a multi- family neighborhood yard sale. 
    • Offer a service – offer financial consultations, mini distanced photo sessions, design work, personal fitness instruction, resume or writing editing, or a car wash (where your kids do all the work!). 
    • Host a virtual event – lead an online art or improv class, a cooking demonstration, a fitness class, or a seminar on something you are an expert in. 
    • These offerings/ events can be adults-only, kids-only or for the whole family. You can also limit the number of goods/services/attendees as needed.
  1. Collect money – Set the price for your offering and determine what percentage of the proceeds will go to FOW – this is completely flexible. For example, if you are selling a food item, you could deduct your cost of ingredients and donate the rest. Or you could cover the expenses (even with a co-host) and donate 100% of the proceeds. We are happy to provide input on pricing if you need it. 
  1. Donate – once your offering is completed and you have collected money, you can donate the predetermined amount directly to Fresh Schools here or by check.

Through this program, we will also get to know what our community has to offer so that we can support Walgrove family businesses beyond these events. This fundraising model is not limited to immediate family! If you have extended family or talented friends who are willing to help out, you can partner with them for a WE2WE offering too. 

Please submit your ideas via this Google form or simply email fundraising@friendsofwalgrove.com. We hope to gather ideas by Tuesday, November 17th so we can schedule the offerings ASAP, and maybe even have several fun activities planned for the rest of 2020!

THANK YOU Walgrove community, WE can do this!


Kelly loves making wreaths. She has time to  make 15 for the first 15 people who sign up and pay via Freshschools and she will sell them for $30 each. They cost Kelly $10 to make, so can either donate $20 x 15  to cover her supplies ($300), or donate all if she is willing to cover her own costs $30 x 15 ($450). 

Bob is going to teach a 45 minute kids virtual cartoon drawing class and charge $15/ kid. He can take as many kids as are interested since it will be virtual and the only costs are his time, then he can donate the proceeds straight to WE! If 10 kids sign up, WE makes $150!