What are Walgroovies?

Walgroovies are gatherings hosted by school families designed to bring together the Walgrove community while fundraising on behalf of the school.  Walgroovy events range from family movie night to kids’ craft parties to dinner parties for adults.

How do they make money?

Walgroovies are sponsored and paid for entirely by host families.  Each event has a requested per person or per family donation.  All of the money donated by event attendees goes straight to Friends of Walgrove.

100% of ALL donations goes to fund our enrichments and teachers’ aides.

2020 Spring Walgroovies*

March 10:
Spring 2020 Kids Sushi Making Walgroovy

(Flyer PDF)

March 12: Spring 2020 Mom’s Night In Walgroovy

(Flyer PDF)

March 28: Spring 2020 Adults Sushi Making Walgroovy

(Flyer PDF)

April 19: Spring 2020 Yoga & Meditation Walgroovy (Adults)

(Flyer PDF)

April 22: Spring 2020 Kids Donut & Beignet Making Walgroovy

(Flyer PDF)

June 6: Spring 2020 Band Bash Night Walgroovy (Parents)

(Flyer PDF)

*Walgroovy events are intended for current Walgrove parent/teacher/staff community only