What are Walgroovies?

Walgroovies are gatherings hosted by school families designed to bring together the Walgrove community while fundraising on behalf of the school.  Walgroovy events range from family movie night to kids’ craft parties to dinner parties for adults.

How do they make money?

Walgroovies are sponsored and paid for entirely by host families.  Each event has a requested per person or per family donation.  All of the money donated by event attendees goes straight to Friends of Walgrove.

100% of ALL donations goes to fund our enrichments and teachers’ aides.

2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies

2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Wine and Dine (10/21/2022) SOLD OUT

Hosted by The Bronsons, Bartons, and Callahan-Christmans


When? October 21, 2022, 7-10pm

What? Enjoy an evening of friends, food and wine tasting with Wendi, Manuel, Emily, Brett, Kelly, and Grant.

Where? Mar Vista

Who? Adults only

How much? $100/couple or $50/individual

Guests (Min/Max): 20/40

2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Coven Camp (10/23/2022) SOLD OUT

Hosted by Amber Weiss, Kira Mattei, & Nina Madjid

When? 10/23/2022, 1-5p
What? Calling all Witches and Wizards to Coven Camp! Create your own spell books, potions & crystal magic wands. Share white magic spells and techniques, enjoy edible concoctions! Coven Camp is a dropoff workshop for 4th & 5th graders. Max 10 —–Space is limited sign up asap!
Where? Mar Vista
Who? 4th & 5th graders only
How much? $60

Guests (Min/Max): 5/10 Guests

2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Day of the Dead Fiesta (10/29/2022)

Hosted by the Woodhams-Roberts, Rogers, Pollick & Weiss families

When? 10/29/2022, 4p-7:30p
What? Celebrate Dia de los Muertos! Enjoy a delicious Oaxacan buffet by our very own Glen Rogers, calavera face painting with arts and crafts to include on our Day of the Dead alter and enjoy cocktails at our Margarita Station. Fun for the whole family to kick off the Halloween Holidays!
Where? Mar Vista
Who? Families
How much? $60/family or $35/Parent+Child

Guests (Min/Max): 10/40 Guests




2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Swap, Shop and Sip (11/10/2022)

Hosted by Allison Studin and Christine Mele

When? 11/10/2022, 5:30p-9:30p
What? Bring your best threads and accessories to this stylish ladies night out where we can shop our friends’ closets while we eat light bites and drink wine! Bring 5 to 10 items in great condition to swap with another Mom, all for the price of $25.00.
Where? Mar Vista
Who? Moms
How much? $25

Guests (Min/Max): 10/30 Guests


2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Movie Night (February 4, 2023)

Hosted by the Barto, Barton, Greenspan-Schwartz and Margeson Families

When? February 4, 2023, 5p-8p
What? Join us for a cozy backyard movie night with dinner drinks and movie snacks. Movie TBD but most likely something new and exciting (maybe even pre-theatre release!) It’s a really fun night for the whole family, you won’t want to miss it!
Where? Culver City
Who? Families
How much? $60/family or $35/Parent+Child

Guests (Min/Max): 10/20 Families

2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Surprise Dads Night Out (12/10/2022)

2022-2023 Fall Walgroovies: Surprise Dads Night Out (12/10/2022)

Hosted by Derek Barto, Glen Bell and Louis Leal

When? 12/10/2022
What? Hang out with some fun Walgrove dads! All you need to know!
Where? TBA
Who? Dads
How much? $45

Guests (Min/Max): 15/40 Guests