In the spirit of offering additional academic support to those who may need or desire extra support, the District is offering a tutoring system comprised of three layers, one for each level of increased support:

Tier 1 – Universal: Tutoring for ALL LAUSD students via paper.co, which is a virtual (albeit live) program wherein live tutors respond to queries, explain concepts, review work, give advice and more. This is free of charge and available 24/7 to all LAUSD students. Simply log into Schoology using your Single Sign-On (SSO), which is your LAUSD email and password, click the “Paper” link, and a live tutor will immediately respond. (No separate login for parents. Parents access through the student interface.) The program currently offers four languages: English, Spanish, French and Mandarin, and every session is recorded and saved for future reference. There is no video. This is not over zoom. Instead, paper.co involves chat, voice memos, a shared whiteboard, an upload feature and more. It is quite robust and very user-friendly.

Tier 2 – For Some in Need: After-school tutoring in small groups for 6-10 weeks for students invited based on DIBELS, Edulastic, SBAC and/or IAB scores. The tutors are Walgrove teachers that volunteer to work overtime. Last Spring, Ms. Webster provided this service. This Fall, it is my understanding that she will again with one or more additional teachers. More information is forthcoming.


After-school tutoring, in groups of two in the Library for 30 minutes for an unspecified number of days/weeks. Tutors are high school students from Venice and El Segundo High. This program was created by high school students. An El Segundo High School student named LaVie and I co-administer this program. We are currently serving approximately 30 students. If you are interested (and in Tier-2 need), please let me know. Not everyone who requests is guaranteed a spot, but we will do what we can.

Tier 3 – For Smaller Few in Greatest Need: “High-Dosage” tutoring for students demonstrating the greatest need in the schools with the greatest need. Currently, Walgrove is not one of these schools.


After-school tutoring 1:1 for as many days/weeks as are mutually agreed upon with certificated teacher who agrees  to work overtime.

Please speak to your teacher(s) to see if they recommend tutoring for your kiddo(s), and please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. andrea.kittelson1@lausd.net

Thank you!