Our Approach

Our teaching and philosophy approaches are unique to each teacher, offering our students many different perspectives and chances to succeed. Our teachers often collaborate with each other as well as with the STAR After School Program to ensure that students are given the chance to reach their maximum potential. All approaches adhere to our core beliefs (link to Core Beliefs).

Council is a practice that cultivates heartfelt and meaningful communication skills, encourages mutual understanding and respect, and enhances community cohesion. It is based on the universal tradition of sitting in a circle and telling our stories. (link Council to page in Programs)

Restorative Practices involves the building of positive relationships and establishing a supportive environment that is fair, consistent, and democratic. It involves interventions when harm has happened, as well as practices that help to prevent harm and conflict by creating a sense of belonging, safety, and social responsibility within the Walgrove community.

Read our Positive Behavior Support Plan.