Ms. Whitemountain – Kindergarten
Classroom Information

Classroom Description

The foundation of our kindergarten class is community and building relationships and connections with each other, and the world. In this atmosphere we creatively participate in building social & academic skills, self-expression and confidence. We grow our caring, sharing, communication and a love of learning!

We have a safe place to learn and grow.

Weekly Class Schedule

Fall Semester 2019-2020


1. To respect child-centered instruction, the times below are flexible and may be moved around or integrated in
multi-subject projects as needed…

2. And we take play &/or P.E. breaks as needed.

Behavior Expectations

We work daily on developing and strengthening social skills and self-regulation. We build a familiarity and compliance with the Walgrove Migration and Milkweed Matrices. We practice and learn acceptance, tolerance, compassion and empathy. We are kind to ourselves, and others.


Homework Philosophy

Homework in Kindergarten is a way for teachers and families to support students in building skills and a love of learning.

Homework Policy

My homework policy is minimal and open to expansion as needed. I ask that parents/families read to/with their child a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes daily and help your child memorize all or most of the 90+ sight words we will cover this year. I will also send home or post what we have been or will be studying along with some creative ideas how you can work with your child to learn letters, sounds, reading and foundational math…

Please meet with me if you would like me to support your child with intervention or challenge homework.

Homework Assignments

Read to &/or with your child a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes daily.

Help your child memorize the sight words that will be sent home on a regular basis.

NOTE: Every student has a homework folder. Please check their homework folder daily.

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