Ms. Perez – 2nd Grade
Classroom Information

Classroom Description

My class is a 2nd grade class comprised of a heterogeneous mix of approximately 15 students.

Groupings are made based upon initial assessments and informal observations during the first weeks of school. These groups are fluid, as students will move around based on their current instructional needs.

We will be using some of the instructional elements, but not limited to Benchmark, CGI (Cognitive Guided Instruction), MyMath, Engage NY, Readworks, Khan Academy, Social Studies Alive and other resources as needed. Integration of technology will happen throughout all academic subjects.

We work collaboratively outside of the classroom with Ms. Francesca in Studio Lab, Mr. Donzell in Theater, Coach Rachel in Physical Education, Gardening with Farmer Matt, Ms. Daniella and Ms. Jeanie, Ms. Barbara in the Library, as well as, the use of technology within the classroom or in the Computer Lab. All these collaborations help integrate and enrich the instruction happening in the classrooms. We will have our second graders from room 2 for these collaborations.

We look forward to learning and growing with you all this year!

Class Schedule

Behavior Expectations & Social Emotional Growth Development

Class Dojo/Council/Restorative Practices/Second Step/Growth Mindset

It is essential to create a culture where all children feel heard and valued. We have been working diligently on creating community within our Second grade Community of Learners since day 1. We ask for your support in guiding your child to have a growth mindset and developing an understanding and acceptance of the differences within our learners that make our school unique. All of these practices are embedded in all of our activities & content areas.

All students are expected to know and honor the behavior guidelines as they are outlined on the Migration and Milkweed Matrices, to know the Walgrove W’s, and to regularly participate in Council and Restorative Justice. Walgrove is a special place where tolerance, acceptance, compassion and empathy are valued and practiced.


Homework Philosophy

The goal for homework this school year is to help our students develop the organizational skills needed to be successful throughout their educational journey. It’s intended to teach them responsibility and accountability in keeping track of all their materials going home and returning back to school. Students should be able to complete the work assigned independently.

Reading is an essential part of everyday life and we hope that we can instill a love of reading in our students. Reading daily also increases vocabulary, improves writing, and improves reading comprehension. To help facilitate these goals, we are assigning 20 minutes of reading every day. Each week, students will be responsible for filling out their reading log and getting it signed by their parents.

We will be alternating between assigning math and language arts, but the 20 minutes of reading component will always remain the same.

Homework Policy

As of now, homework will be assigned daily as follows…
Everyday- 20 minutes of reading in addition to the Math and Language Arts.
Monday- Math
Tuesday- Language Arts
Wednesday- Math
Thursday- Language Arts

Homework Assignments

The math homework will be directly from the MyMath book and the language arts homework will be from the Benchmark Advance Grammar and Spelling book. Whenever there are projects we will give you advance notice and we will modify the daily homework.

Homework assignments will change from time to time based on student and classroom needs.

NOTE: Every student has a homework folder. Please check their homework folder daily.

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