Matt Stansbury, First & Second Grades

Why teaching?  There are several reasons teaching is my preferred profession. In no particular order: Teaching has always been in my family. My mother, father, and other extended families members are all teachers, so teaching is very familiar. I was taught the role of being a good citizen/human is to give back, make things better than when you left. For me teaching is the outlet for making a change. My students are the how and the why to make a positive impact. Lastly, I really enjoy having summers off!?

What makes Walgrove a special place? Walgrove is special to me for many reasons. Walgrove was the first school that saw my potential. It gave me room to grow as a teacher. Also, I see Walgrove as a direct reflection of the progress our society is making. At Walgrove we have diversity (culturally, socially, developmentally) and each year we get better at understanding, cooperating, and meeting the needs of all our students. I have witnessed/been a part of/am a part of ongoing struggles and  accomplishment of staff, families and students. Seeing this process play out on campus gives me hope that our world will continue to grow… despite continued setbacks.

Who/what inspires you? Inspiration comes from many sources: My Mother and Father, who tirelessly devote their lives to their children and grandchildren. The sacrifice they make daily I hope to someday have the character to make for my children.

Staff here at Walgrove and who I come in contact with as part of the LAUSD family. Despite the many micro disagreements I may have with my colleagues,  most importantly I see tireless devotion to the development children.

The parents of my students, who work so hard to do what is best for their child. Cycling through inevitable failures but always focusing on/celebrating the many successes.

My students who manage daily challenges that are beyond my imagination, but still retain their determination to learn, play, and love.

If you were not teaching, what would you be doing? If not teaching you can usually find me at the beach or competing with my friends on the golf course.