Lynn Webster

Why Teaching? After years in the corporate America and volunteering with the LAPD Juvenile Impact program, the need to give back was overwhelming. Looking at the disparity of wealth and opportunity for our urban youth, the choice was clear. I am passionate about the rights of ALL children to have an equal opportunity for education by credentialed teachers. Teaching allows me to see the inherent genius of children and discover ways to inspire and guide them through their educational process.

What makes Walgrove a special place? Walgrove is a special place because of the people and the programs. Our staff and community are organically diverse, which is essential our world today. Full inclusion of all learners is critical because it helps our students understand that while we all learn differently, we can all learn. Our Studio & Theater programs are essential in creating a space where children can connect their ideas to learning.

Who/What inspires you? I am inspired by our children. They are brilliant and new everyday.

If not teaching, what would you be doing? I would start an organization to create partnerships between schools and corporations to ensure that all public schools are adequately funded and supported. I believe corporate America should invest and partner with public schools to help secure the future for our youth. Partnerships would help all children to understand that learning is a life long goal.