Send a LOVE GRAM to your rockstar student, teacher or staff! Each LOVE GRAM comes with a special heart shaped stone attached. LOVE GRAMS will be delivered to classrooms on Valentine’s Day.

$5 Donation Each: To order, Venmo: @AmberAngelWeiss. In the description, please include: name of person it’s for, room number & who the LOVE GRAM is from. Questions? Email: amberangelweiss@yahoo.com

Give a GRAM, Donate a GRAM:To help ensure we spread as much love as possible, please consider adding an additional GRAM to your order and we will deliver it to someone who has not received one.

Where does my donation go? Each year the 4th and 5th grade pod needs to raise money to help pay for culmination celebrations. We are only halfway to our goal. Your donation is greatly appreciated!