Leeza Legg

Why Teaching? I love sharing knowledge and promoting critical thinking. I desire to share ideas, communicate concepts and inspire conversation with those around me. There is nothing better than watching an ah-ha moment, participating in a student discovering their own gifts, empowering young people to take control of their own learning, and witnessing the evolution of their behavior, attitudes and thinking.

What makes Walgrove a special place? Walgrove is special because it feels like it’s own little community.  The people I work with are passionate and dedicated. The families and kids are enthusiastic and supportive. Walgrove’s student body is very diverse and brings with it a rainbow of traditions and experiences.

Who/what inspires me? I’m inspired by risk and taking chances. The things I fear are the things I want to conquer- in all areas of life.

If you were not teaching, what would you be doing? I would be a psychologist or writer, or both!