Greeting from Principal Adams

In the more than 20 years I have worked for the LAUSD you can imagine that I have worked at a variety of schools. In that time, I have rarely experienced the amazing sense of community that you will find at Walgrove.

My barometer as an administrator observing in classrooms was always “would I want my own children in this class.” And after asking myself this same question over my first few years at Walgrove, and consistently coming back with the answer, “Yes,” I knew it was time to make a move. I believe so much in what we are doing as a school community that I transferred my own children from our neighborhood school so that they would get the rich experience offered here at Walgrove—without any regrets.

Walgrove is one of the most organically diverse schools in the LAUSD. We represent a variety of ethnicities, socio-economic levels, and abilities—all of which serve to make this an incredibly rich environment in which children grow and flourish. Walking through our campus you encounter students of all types engaged in learning about many content areas—literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, social-emotional learning. This collaboration and integration is a special focus here at Walgrove. While you may see older students mentoring younger students, which is a more visible form of cross group collaboration, other times you may see groups of students working together without realizing that they represent a mixture of our general education and special education students. The students experience a deep sense of belonging and community.

Finally, each year we have students who are new to our school in grade levels other than kindergarten. Repeatedly I have had students share with me, even after a very short time, “it feels like I have always been at Walgrove.” Our student body receives new members with open welcoming arms. I sincerely hope that you will get a sense of that when you visit Walgrove.