Cindy Mazariegos, Kindergarten/First

Ms. Mazariegos believes in teaching to the individual. She designs hands-on learning experiences with an emphasis on kinesthetic learning. She strives to identify students’ interest in planning her instruction.

Ms. Mazariegos believes in putting the needs of the students first, and recognizing even the smallest steps forward. She recognizes that a caring, loving and respectful learning environment is what every student needs.

Why Walgrove? Ms. Mazariegos shares that Walgrove was the first place that gave her the opportunity to show what she can do. She loves all of the “extras” at Walgrove, such as Studio Lab, and the wonderful support of the school community. Ms. Mazariegos finds support and collaboration from the Walgrove staff and feels confident in being able to go to others for any needed support. She values and respects the tireless advocacy of Walgrove parents of students with special needs.