About Walgrove Elementary

Located on the border of two vibrant and growing communities, Venice & Mar Vista, California; and just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean on Los Angeles’ Westside, Walgrove Elementary has become nationally recognized for our model programs. An example of a thriving community school, Walgrove fosters an innovative learning environment, which develops global awareness and shared responsibility.

A Walgrove education lays the foundation for a life-long love and enthusiasm for learning and the pursuit of knowledge. Our school is a diverse community of learners; including students, staff and parents, who communicate together with mutual respect, as we support one another within a shared set of Core Beliefs. The Walgrove team is actively engaged in delivering an enriched, standards-based curriculum for all students. Our teachers and staff are given creative freedom within a safe environment that supports the emotional, physical and social growth of all students, with respect to their diversity.

Walgrove also features five self-contained IEP (Individualized Education Program) classrooms, as well as many students with IEPs within the General Ed population. Our Gen Ed and Special Education staffs collaborate together to provide intensive programs for the challenging needs of our student population. Our goal at Walgrove is to ensure that students with IEPs are integrated and mainstreamed as much as possible into the culture and diversity of Walgrove, making it the wonderful neighborhood school that it is.


We believe children learn best when:

  • Their social and emotional growth is supported.
  • They experience hands-on discovery and guided learning.
  • They are seen as creative and inventive discoverers.
  • They develop respect for each other’s differences.
  • They develop intrinsic motivation and a love of learning.
  • Their diverse experiences, backgrounds and voices are valued.

Learn about Walgrove Elementary’s Positive Behavior Support Program: