Special Olympics :: Friday, April 6

A post from Ms. Rose

I’m excited to announce that the Special Olympics of Southern California (SOSC) / LAUSD School Games for Walgrove will be Friday, April 6, 2018.

I like to bring our students to this event because it provides another celebratory environment where each student has a place to be themselves and shine! In my experience, “all” the students involved bring back valuable memories and a stronger sense of importance and awareness in our community.

Our Walgrove Elementary Adapted PE students are in their 5th year being honored by being invited to the Fall Soccer and Spring Track and Field “LAUSD School Games.”  Organized by LAUSD’s Adapted PE Department, in collaboration with Special Olympics of Southern California (SOSC) our Adapted PE students learn team and individual skills prior to the event with the help of student coach/peer role-models. The practices are scheduled during designated P.E. and Enrichment classes led by participating teachers, Ms. Mazariegos and Ms. Rose for Spring Track and Field and Ms. Rose for Fall Soccer.

The field trips to these events are “the highlight of the year” for our APE students and their peer role-models.  The Walgrove role-model partners become a Walgrove delegation that peer coaches and cheers on the APE athletes. Last year, Walgrove was invited to apply to the SOSC as a Champion School with Ms. Rose volunteering as a teacher sponsor. We were granted this “Special Olympics Champion School” 3-year title in late spring 2017!

Ms. Rose wants to donate the assortment of awarded student sports equipment to be used in a school-based “Sports-Day” event which will weave together academic, health, social/emotional and sports skills for all Walgrove students.  Anyone interested in participating can contact Ms. Rose in Room 6!

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